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Jackson County Health Department of Indiana

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive at the Health Department.

Q. How far back do your vital records go?

A. Our Vital Records Division maintains birth and death records from Seymour and Brownstown starting in 1882 and the rural areas of the county from 1895.

The State of Indiana required records to be recorded starting in 1907.

Q. How do I get a birth certificate for myself or a family member?

A. If you or a family member were born in Jackson County you may get a certified birth certificate by coming by our Vital Statistics office and filling out an application. You must supply some form of signed identifications, such as a drivers license, social security card, etc. The certificate will be printed while you wait and only takes a few minutes.

Q. How do I get a septic permit?

A. To obtain a septic permit you should come by our Environmental office and a computerized application will be filled out. Questions asked on the applications include, number of baths in the home, number of bedrooms, number of people residing in the home, number of jetted tubs, and the water source. A sketch or drawing of the home layout should be supplied along with a legal description of the property. At the time you apply for the permit you will be given step by step instructions to help you proceed from there. There is a fee to apply.


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