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The Jackson County Health Department Seymour, Indiana

Flood 2008 water information



June 10, 2008


From: Jackson County Health Department



          All municipal water in Jackson County has been declared safe. However, Jackson County Health Department advises that residents with a well that was submerged by flood water do not use water until the well has been treated. Directions for well sterilization are available at the Jackson County Health Department at 801 W. Second Street in Seymour and at Crothersville, Brownstown and Medora Town Halls. These wells should be tested. Sample kits are available at the health department. Until test results are complete and the well declared safe, these residents should either boil their water, treat it with chlorine bleach, or drink bottled water.


To treat water with chlorine, add 6 drops of a liquid chlorine bleach to one gallon of water and mix. Wait thirty (30) minutes after adding the chlorine before using the water for drinking or cooking purposes. Children’s bath water can also be treated.


For those with wells affected by the flood, water may also be purified by boiling. In this method, bring the water to a full boil for at least five (5) minutes.


Treatments should be continued until the quality of the water is tested. The safety of water cannot be judged by color, odor or taste. The organisms that cause water-borne disease cannot be seen.


Standing flood water may be contaminated with human and animal wastes, E. Coli, mosquito larvae, fertilizer, and pesticides and should be avoided. Do not allow children to wade or play in standing water. E. Coli virus, typhoid, hepatitis and tetanus can all be potentially contracted by ingesting flood water or contact through open wounds. If residents have been in contact with flood water, they should wash thoroughly with soap and hot water. Any signs of infection after contact with flood water should be reported to your local physician.


Bottled water and cleaning supplies are available through the Red Cross at 522-3888.


If you have further questions, call the Jackson County Health Department at 522-6474.



If you receive a puncture wound or a wound contaminated with feces, soil, or saliva have a doctor or the health department determine whether a tetanus booster is necessary based on individual records.  The Jackson County Health Department has tetanus available for flood victims or anyone needing an update.


For tetanus you can call the nursing division at 812-522-6667.





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